The Research Recommendation Engine

Step 1

The Product Owner prioritizes an idea. I’m a UX Research Lead at a large financial services company, and we use the Scaled Agile Framework. That means in my department this step occurs during what we refer to as the Pre-PI Planning phase. In other words, this step happens at the precise point in time when Product decides to take an idea out of the backlog and prioritize it.

Step 2

The Product Owner assesses each newly-prioritized idea for UX Metrics (UXM) risk. This entails answering the below 6 questions about each idea to gauge where the enhancement falls on the spectrum of Low, Medium, or High risk.

UXM Risk Meter

Step 3

The Product Owner uses this research recommendation model below to gauge how much UX research should be accounted for in project timeline, and at what points. Realistically speaking, there is not always the luxury of time or resources for research, but when there is, this guide can help stakeholders see the light at the point in time when it’s most critical for project success.



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Jason Marcus

Jason Marcus

I am a UX Research Lead currently working in the Financial Services industry